Source code for moderngl_window.loaders.texture.t2d

import logging

from moderngl_window.loaders.texture.pillow import PillowLoader, image_data

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class Loader(PillowLoader):
    kind = '2d'

[docs] def load(self): """Load a 2d texture as configured in the supplied ``TextureDescription`` Returns: moderngl.Texture: The Texture instance """ self._open_image() # Handle images with palettes if self.image.palette and self.image.palette.mode == 'RGB': logger.debug("Converting P image to RGB using palette") self.image = self.image.convert('RGB', palette=self.image.palette) components, data = image_data(self.image) texture = self.ctx.texture( self.image.size, components, data, ) texture.extra = {'meta': self.meta} if self.meta.mipmap_levels is not None: self.meta.mipmap = True if self.meta.mipmap: if isinstance(self.meta.mipmap_levels, tuple): texture.build_mipmaps(*self.meta.mipmap_levels) else: texture.build_mipmaps() if self.meta.anisotropy: texture.anisotropy = self.meta.anisotropy self._close_image() return texture