Source code for moderngl_window.geometry.bbox

import numpy

import moderngl
from moderngl_window.opengl.vao import VAO
from moderngl_window.geometry import AttributeNames

[docs] def bbox(size=(1.0, 1.0, 1.0), name=None, attr_names=AttributeNames): """ Generates a bounding box with (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) as the center. This is simply a box with ``LINE_STRIP`` as draw mode. Keyword Args: size (tuple): x, y, z size of the box name (str): Optional name for the VAO attr_names (AttributeNames): Attribute names Returns: A :py:class:`moderngl_window.opengl.vao.VAO` instance """ width, height, depth = size[0] / 2.0, size[1] / 2.0, size[2] / 2.0 # fmt: off pos = numpy.array([ width, -height, depth, width, height, depth, -width, -height, depth, width, height, depth, -width, height, depth, -width, -height, depth, width, -height, -depth, width, height, -depth, width, -height, depth, width, height, -depth, width, height, depth, width, -height, depth, width, -height, -depth, width, -height, depth, -width, -height, depth, width, -height, -depth, -width, -height, depth, -width, -height, -depth, -width, -height, depth, -width, height, depth, -width, height, -depth, -width, -height, depth, -width, height, -depth, -width, -height, -depth, width, height, -depth, width, -height, -depth, -width, -height, -depth, width, height, -depth, -width, -height, -depth, -width, height, -depth, width, height, -depth, -width, height, -depth, width, height, depth, -width, height, -depth, -width, height, depth, width, height, depth, ], dtype=numpy.float32) # fmt: on vao = VAO(name or "geometry:cube", mode=moderngl.LINE_STRIP) vao.buffer(pos, "3f", [attr_names.POSITION]) return vao