Source code for moderngl_window.loaders.program.single

import logging

import moderngl
from moderngl_window.loaders.base import BaseLoader
from moderngl_window.opengl import program
from moderngl_window.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class Loader(BaseLoader):
    kind = "single"

[docs] def load(self) -> moderngl.Program: """Loads a shader program from a single glsl file. Each shader type is separated by preprocessors - VERTEX_SHADER - FRAGMENT_SHADER - GEOMETRY_SHADER - TESS_CONTROL_SHADER - TESS_EVALUATION_SHADER Example: .. code:: glsl #version 330 #if defined VERTEX_SHADER in vec3 in_position; in vec2 in_texcoord_0; out vec2 uv0; void main() { gl_Position = vec4(in_position, 1); uv0 = in_texcoord_0; } #elif defined FRAGMENT_SHADER out vec4 fragColor; uniform sampler2D texture0; in vec2 uv0; void main() { fragColor = texture(texture0, uv0); } #endif Returns: moderngl.Program: The Program instance """ self.meta.resolved_path, source = self._load_source(self.meta.path) shaders = program.ProgramShaders.from_single(self.meta, source) shaders.handle_includes(self._load_source) prog = shaders.create() # Wrap the program if reloadable is set if self.meta.reloadable: # Disable reload flag so reloads will return Program instances self.meta.reloadable = False # Wrap it .. prog = program.ReloadableProgram(self.meta, prog) return prog
def _load_source(self, path): """Finds and loads a single source file. Args: path: Path to resource Returns: Tuple[resolved_path, source]: The resolved path and the source """ resolved_path = self.find_program(path) if not resolved_path: raise ImproperlyConfigured("Cannot find program '{}'".format(path))"Loading: %s", path) with open(str(resolved_path), "r") as fd: return resolved_path,