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from moderngl_window.meta.base import ResourceDescription

[docs] class DataDescription(ResourceDescription): """Describes data file to load. This is a generic resource description type for loading resources that are not textures, programs and scenes. That loaded class is used depends on the ``kind`` or the file extension. Currently used to load: - text files - json files - binary files .. code:: python # Describe a text file. Text loader is used based on file extension DataDescription(path='data/text.txt') # Describe a json file. Json loader is used based on file extension DataDescription(path='data/data.json') # Describe a binary file. Specify a binary loader should be used. DataDescription(path='data/data.bin', kind='binary') """ default_kind = None resource_type = "data"
[docs] def __init__(self, path=None, kind=None, **kwargs): """Initialize the resource description. Keyword Args: path (str): Relative path to the resource kind (str): The resource kind deciding loader class **kwargs: Additional custom attributes """ kwargs.update( {"path": path, "kind": kind} ) super().__init__(**kwargs)