Source code for moderngl_window.resources.base

Base registry class
import inspect
from functools import lru_cache
from typing import Any, Generator, Tuple

from moderngl_window.conf import settings
from moderngl_window.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from moderngl_window.utils.module_loading import import_string
from moderngl_window.meta.base import ResourceDescription

[docs] class BaseRegistry: """Base class for all resource pools""" settings_attr = None """str: The name of the attribute in :py:class:`~moderngl_window.conf.Settings` containting a list of loader classes. """
[docs] def __init__(self): """Initialize internal attributes""" self._resources = []
@property def count(self) -> int: """int: The number of resource descriptions added. This is only relevant when using `add` and `load_pool`. """ return len(self._resources) @property def loaders(self): """Generator: Loader classes for this resource type""" for loader in getattr(settings, self.settings_attr): yield self._loader_cls(loader) @lru_cache(maxsize=None) def _loader_cls(self, python_path: str): return import_string(python_path)
[docs] def load(self, meta: ResourceDescription) -> Any: """ Loads a resource using the configured finders and loaders. Args: meta (ResourceDescription): The resource description """ self._check_meta(meta) self.resolve_loader(meta) return meta.loader_cls(meta).load()
[docs] def add(self, meta: ResourceDescription) -> None: """ Adds a resource description without loading it. The resource is loaded and returned when ``load_pool()`` is called. Args: meta (ResourceDescription): The resource description """ self._check_meta(meta) self.resolve_loader(meta) self._resources.append(meta)
[docs] def load_pool(self) -> Generator[Tuple[ResourceDescription, Any], None, None]: """ Loads all the data files using the configured finders. This is only relevant when resource have been added to this pool using ``add()``. Returns: Generator of (meta, resource) tuples """ for meta in self._resources: resource = self.load(meta) yield meta, resource self._resources = []
[docs] def resolve_loader(self, meta: ResourceDescription) -> None: """ Attempts to assign a loader class to a ResourceDescription. Args: meta (:py:class:`~moderngl_window.meta.base.ResourceDescription`): The resource description instance """ # Get loader using kind if specified if meta.kind: for loader_cls in self.loaders: if loader_cls.kind == meta.kind: meta.loader_cls = loader_cls return raise ImproperlyConfigured( "Resource has invalid loader kind '{}': {}\nAvailable loaders: {}".format( meta.kind, meta, [loader.kind for loader in self.loaders] ) ) # Get loader based on file extension for loader_cls in self.loaders: if loader_cls.supports_file(meta): meta.loader_cls = loader_cls return raise ImproperlyConfigured("Could not find a loader for: {}".format(meta))
def _check_meta(self, meta: Any): """Check is the instance is a resource description Raises: ImproperlyConfigured if not a ResourceDescription instance """ if inspect.isclass(type(meta)): if issubclass(meta.__class__, ResourceDescription): return raise ImproperlyConfigured( "Resource loader got type {}, not a resource description".format(type(meta)) )