Source code for moderngl_window.scene.node

Wrapper for a loaded mesh / vao with properties
from typing import List, TYPE_CHECKING
import numpy
from pyrr import matrix44

    from moderngl_window.scene import Camera, Mesh

[docs] class Node: """A generic scene node containing a mesh or camera and/or a container for other nodes. Nodes and their children represents the scene tree. """
[docs] def __init__(self, name=None, camera=None, mesh=None, matrix=None): """Create a node. Keyword Args: name: Name of the node camera: Camera to store in the node mesh: Mesh to store in the node matrix: The node's matrix """ self._name = name self._camera = camera self._mesh = mesh # Local node matrix self._matrix = matrix.astype("f4") if matrix is not None else None # Global matrix self._matrix_global = None self._children = []
@property def name(self) -> str: """str: Get or set the node name""" return self._name @name.setter def name(self, value: str): self._name = value @property def mesh(self) -> "Mesh": """:py:class:`~moderngl_window.scene.Mesh`: The mesh if present""" return self._mesh @mesh.setter def mesh(self, value: "Mesh"): self._mesh = value @property def camera(self) -> "Camera": """:py:class:`~moderngl_window.scene.Camera`: The camera if present""" return self._camera @camera.setter def camera(self, value): self._camera = value @property def matrix(self) -> numpy.ndarray: """numpy.ndarray: Note matrix (local)""" return self._matrix @matrix.setter def matrix(self, value): self._matrix = value @property def matrix_global(self) -> numpy.ndarray: """numpy.ndarray: The global node matrix containing transformations from parent nodes""" return self._matrix_global @matrix_global.setter def matrix_global(self, value): self._matrix_global = value @property def children(self) -> List["Node"]: """list: List of children""" return self._children
[docs] def add_child(self, node): """Add a child to this node Args: node (Node): Node to add as a child """ self._children.append(node)
[docs] def draw(self, projection_matrix=None, camera_matrix=None, time=0): """Draw node and children. Keyword Args: projection_matrix (bytes): projection matrix camera_matrix (bytes): camera_matrix time (float): The current time """ if self._mesh: self._mesh.draw( projection_matrix=projection_matrix, model_matrix=self._matrix_global, camera_matrix=camera_matrix, time=time, ) for child in self._children: child.draw( projection_matrix=projection_matrix, camera_matrix=camera_matrix, time=time, )
[docs] def draw_bbox(self, projection_matrix, camera_matrix, program, vao): """Draw bounding box around the node and children. Keyword Args: projection_matrix (bytes): projection matrix camera_matrix (bytes): camera_matrix program (moderngl.Program): The program to render the bbox vao: The vertex array representing the bounding box """ if self._mesh: self._mesh.draw_bbox( projection_matrix, self._matrix_global, camera_matrix, program, vao ) for child in self.children: child.draw_bbox(projection_matrix, camera_matrix, program, vao)
[docs] def draw_wireframe(self, projection_matrix, camera_matrix, program): """Render the node as wireframe. Keyword Args: projection_matrix (bytes): projection matrix camera_matrix (bytes): camera_matrix program (moderngl.Program): The program to render wireframe """ if self._mesh: self._mesh.draw_wireframe(projection_matrix, self._matrix_global, program) for child in self.children: child.draw_wireframe(projection_matrix, self._matrix_global, program)
[docs] def calc_global_bbox(self, view_matrix, bbox_min, bbox_max): """Recursive calculation of scene bbox. Keyword Args: view_matrix (numpy.ndarray): view matrix bbox_min: min bbox values bbox_max: max bbox values """ if self._matrix is not None: view_matrix = matrix44.multiply(self._matrix, view_matrix) if self._mesh: bbox_min, bbox_max = self._mesh.calc_global_bbox( view_matrix, bbox_min, bbox_max ) for child in self._children: bbox_min, bbox_max = child.calc_global_bbox(view_matrix, bbox_min, bbox_max) return bbox_min, bbox_max
[docs] def calc_model_mat(self, model_matrix): """Calculate the model matrix related to all parents. Args: model_matrix (numpy.ndarray): model matrix """ if self._matrix is not None: self._matrix_global = matrix44.multiply(self._matrix, model_matrix).astype( "f4" ) for child in self._children: child.calc_model_mat(self._matrix_global) else: self._matrix_global = model_matrix.astype("f4") for child in self._children: child.calc_model_mat(model_matrix)
def __repr__(self): return "<Node name={}>".format(